Saturday, January 26, 2013

I will run marathons, but probably never the Boston Marathon.

Today, I ran 22 miles as part of my training for the February 17 Livestrong Austin Marathon. For the first time, I felt certain I could have completed the full marathon distance. Elated, I contemplated running in future marathons, which has always been the intent, provided this first one isn't overly brutal. My wife asked me if I wanted to ever try Boston. I decided to check the required qualifying times.

Not happening. Today, I ran 22 miles in a few minutes over the time I would have needed to qualify for Boston. I might get faster eventually, I guess--but I'd basically have to run a full marathon like I currently run a 5k, at a pace of about a 7:03 minute mile. Sometimes, I suppose it's good to recognize one's limitations.

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